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Method for Cleaning Concrete Delivery Pump Tube Using Cleaning Ball

Method for Cleaning Concrete Delivery Pump Tube Using Cleaning Ball

Issue Time:2020-06-15

It is well known in the world that the use of concrete delivery pumps can greatly improve the efficiency of engineering construction, but in the face of the cleaning work of concrete delivery pumps after use, it has indeed made many people difficult. Is it really that difficult to clean the pump tube?

At present, there are two cleaning methods for concrete delivery pump pipelines: air washing and water washing. But no matter which cleaning method is used, the valve box and hopper need to be cleaned. It should be pointed out that before cleaning the concrete delivery pump pipeline, it is best to pump 0.5-1m3 of mortar, and then stop after all pumping is completed, and then release the pressure of the accumulator after turning the plate valve switch. The concrete pump tube manufacturer will tell you the specific method of washing.

Generally, when the concrete pump is washed, the cone tube should be opened to clean it, and then the cylindrical cement bag and the cleaning ball soaked in water should be put into the cleaned cone tube, and then connected back to the cone tube and the tube. Road, close the dump door, fill the hopper with water (the water source must be kept constant); then pump the water until the cleaning ball emerges from the front end of the delivery pipe.

The detailed steps are as follows:

1. After the pumping is completed, lay the boom flat, open the hopper discharge port, and discharge the remaining material!

2. Reverse the pump to release the pressure, open the hinged elbow, rinse the hopper, S tube and conveying cylinder with a water gun! Until the water flows.

3. Insert a sponge ball / cleaning ball into the hinge elbow.

4. Close the hopper discharge door and install the hinge elbow.

5. Fill the hopper with tap water and ensure that there is sufficient water source.

6. Adjust the pumping displacement to the maximum and start pumping.

7. Connect the water source to the hopper to ensure that it will not be pumped out. Wait until the sponge ball / cleaning ball is pumped from the end hose.

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