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New Harden Pipe Conference Ended Successfully

New Harden Pipe Conference Ended Successfully

Issue Time:2020-07-20

On the afternoon of October 16th, the launch of the wear-resistant tube product of the Korean patented single-layer 50,000-square-meter pump truck hosted by Hebei Quandeli Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was held at Kaile Hotel, Cangzhou.

Zheng Zhenxuan, President of ECO Steel Co., Ltd., Wang Xinhua, Chairman of Hebei Quandeli Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Fan Yandong, General Manager, Li Jingchun, Deputy General Manager, and representatives from more than 100 companies in the same industry from Cangzhou attended the conference

Mr. Zheng Zhenzheng, the president of Korea ECO Steel Co., Ltd. and the holder of the patented technology of concrete slurry conveying pipes for concrete pump trucks, gave a detailed product explanation on the single-layer 50 thousand square pump truck wear-resistant pipes at the press conference

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